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    Sunway Pyramid is the first mall to use License Plate Recognition system


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    Image from Sunway Pyramid

    After introducing a cashless payment system, malls in Malaysia has started to stop accepting cash for the parking system. Ideally, when you enter a mall, you have to collect the parking coupon which later you need to pay it at the AutoPay station. Malls such as Gurney Plaza in Penang is now going cashless where you just need to pay the amount via Touch n’ Go payment or via banking cards such as debit or credit cards. Sunway Pyramid mall in Selangor is taking a step forward by introducing the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system.

    With this system, you can worry-free about keeping your parking ticket save each time. Users won’t require to have the paper tickets during entry and exit. The Sunway Smart Parking system aim to provide its users with a seamless experience for both entry and exit. According to SoyaCincau, the Sunway Pyramid mall main aim is to also use new kind of technologies for its mall. Back in 2008, Sunway Pyramid was the first mall in Malaysia to implement the parking guidance system. Now, if you notice, many malls have started to implement this system.

    The above teaser video was shared by Sunway to show a glimpse of how the LPR system works. You can watch the video above to have a rough idea of this smart parking system. Sunway is organizing its Sunway Smart parking preview next week. We will update you once there is an update from Sunway.

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