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    Spam Calls: Malaysia is one of the 20 top countries

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    There is no need a special introduction on the Truecaller app. Every year Truecaller releases a statistics of spam calls in top 20 countries. For the first time, Truecaller has included Malaysia as one of the top 20 countries which are popular on spam calls.

    For the year of 2019, Malaysia is placed at the 19th position. Comparing to the previous year, the number of spam calls has increased up to 24%. That is from 6.7 spam calls per month to 8.3 spam calls per month. According to Truecaller, these spam calls from the Malaysia most famous scam syndicate, Macau Scam.

    One million Malaysians are receiving 90 million spam calls in 2019

    Truecaller also added that it has 150 million active users worldwide. Out of these huge numbers, one million active users from Malaysia are receiving 90 million spam calls throughout this year only. All of this calls have been blocked by the Truecaller app.

    Malaysians lost RM94.04 million in Macau Scams

    Apart from spam calls, Malaysia is also placed at 15th position for spam calls. Based on Truecaller statistics, users from Malaysia are receiving 24 SMS every month. Back in November, the Malaysia government has reported that Malaysians have lost RM94.04 million to Macau scams this year itself. Whereas, 1,303 lost RM67.74 million to parcel scammers. However, last month the Malaysia Immigration Department has nabbed Malaysia largest online scam.

    Based on Truecaller analysis for Malaysia, 63% of the calls are spam calls. Most of the spam calls are impersonating as fake insurance and debt collection calls. Truecaller also reported that there are scammers who pretend to be from local post-delivery service. Once you answer this type of call, a person will say that your package is stuck somewhere and you need to pay before you can retrieve it.

    In order to avoid being the victim of a scam, the Royal Malaysia Police have created a Facebook account to warn the public about a scam. Besides, you can also verify the telephone numbers and bank account numbers via its portal.

    For more further studies on the spam calls and SMS on other countries, read the full report from Truecaller right here.

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