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    These are Apple’s best apps of 2019


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    Every year, Apple awards the best apps of the year. Last year, Procreate Pocket won the best iPhone app of the year. For this year, there are many new apps Apple has included in the best iPhone and iPad apps of the year. Let’s take a look who has won this year iPhone and iPad app of the year.

    iPhone app of the year

    This year best iPhone app of the year goes to Spectre Camera (Lux Optics). We are proud that we have reviewed this app at the beginning of 2019. In case you have missed it, you can have a look at our review article. Basically, Spectre is a photography app which uses the AI to create “stunning long exposures”. The best feature of this app is you can have the power of Photoshop on your iPhone. You can easily remove the crowds or objects from your photos and videos. Isn’t it coo? Click on this button below to download this stunning app. Do note that this app is not a free app. It is a paid app. But it’s really worth for paying RM12.90, especially you are a photographer.

    iPad app of the year

    The best iPad app of the year goes to the Flow by Moleskine (Moleskine). We have not heard about this app yet. But according to this app description, this is an elegant digital notebook app which you can use it to write down your notes. Nowadays, most of us prefer to rather use our iPad to write notes. This app works well with the new iPad with the Apple Pencil you can write and draw easily.

    This is a free app which you can download and try it out for 7 days. After that, you might need to pay for the subscription in order to continue using it. You can select either a monthly subscription or yearly subscription. Do you think you are good at drawing, then you will be needing this app in your hand. Click the button below to download Flow by Moleskine.

    Mac app of the year

    Are you working for a fashion magazine company? If yes, then this app is for you. This year’s Mac app of the year goes to Affinity Publisher. This is a publishing app which allows you to combine images and graphics to create magazines. Do note that this is a paid app. You will be charged RM149.90 for you to use this app. Click the button below to download the Affinity Publisher

    Apple TV app of the year

    This year Apple TV app of the year is won by The Explorers. You might be wondering what an app can do in the Apple TV. Well, this app has won for its “visual inventory” of the natural world with photos and videos. If you own an Apple TV, you can download this free app to view the 4K resolution video of our world nature and animals. Download this free app now from here.

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