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    BREAKING: Immigration Department nabbed Malaysia largest online scam

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    Recently, we have been hearing news about people becoming a victim of a scam. Even two days ago, a 45-years old rubber tapper loses his saving money when he became one of scam victim. This has caused many people are even scared to answer calls from unknown numbers nowadays. The latest update we got now is the Immigration Department of Malaysia has finally nabbed Malaysia’s largest online syndicate.

    Surprisingly, this whole scam syndicate is running by Chinese nationals in Malaysia. If you are one of the scam victims, now you probably might know who is the one cheated your money. According to the Malaysia Immigration Department, nearly 1,000 Chinese nationals were arrested during the raid. The immigration department also added that the building which they raided is happened to be the headquarters for the scam ring which is in Cyberjaya.

    At the moment, when the building was raided, many people tried to escape from law enforcement. Some of them even took the chance to jump from the building. When we personally watch the videos below, this looked like in the GTA game where many people running around the places.

    Everything you need to know about scams

    According to the statistics above, in Malaysia itself, there are more than 3000 cases which involves love scam and Macau scam. If you notice at the chart above, 90% of the total number of cases involves female. Looks like the female is prone to become the scam victim. It was reported by the Home Ministry saying that total losses amounting of RM161,777,870 have been recorded so far. Imagine the amount which we mention is only for this year.

    Furthermore, you should know the tactics these scammers use on their victim. According to Fong Choong Fook, an IT security consultant and executive director of cybersecurity firm LE Global Services, most of the scammers try to create fear and panic to their victim. Once the victim gets panic, then they tend to tell them to send all their money into a secured account. Apart from that, these scammers usually try to give their victim a sense of urgency on the phone call itself. Most of the time, they used these types of words, “never talk to anyone” and “finish within 1 hour”.

    In a nutshell, to avoid being the next victim of a scam, you should not ever disclose any of your bank account details when you receive a call from the bank. It is a common sense that if a bank calls you, they already have your banking information. So you don’t have to give your bank information. If you suspect it is a scam, immediately report it to the police. Other than that, you can also apps such as TrueCaller in your phone to know when someone calls you.

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