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    Google Pixel 4 has a major flaw in its face unlock feature


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    Google Pixel 4 is currently the talk of the town as Google launches it this week. After the launch, Google has given a few of the Google Pixel 4 to the tech reviewers. Not even a week, a reporter from BBC has found a major security flaw on the Google Pixel 4.

    Apart from fingerprint scanning, face unlock is the new feature many smartphones has. Apple iPhone X also uses the Face ID from day one and it works like charm. However, Google Pixel 4 face unlock feature even works if your eyes are closed. If you have used the iPhone X before, you might know that you can unlock your device only if your eyes are opened and it is looking at the phone.

    Back before Google unveils Google Pixel 4, the American tech giant releases a video of the Pixel 4 face unlock feature. In that video, Google requires you to open your eyes in order for the face unlock feature to work. According to The Verge, the Google support page also confirms that “Your phone can also be unlocked by someone else if it’s held up to your face, even if your eyes are closed,”.

    Besides that, Google Pixel 4 has only one security feature which is the face unlock. This means you can only use your face to unlock your Pixel 4. With this major security, flaw makes us think about how secure is Google Pixel 4. Nevertheless, Google says the face unlock feature will get better from time to time with future software updates.

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