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    BREAKING: Massive amount of Universiti Malaya data leaked online


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    On the same day of hacking Universiti Malaya E-Pay website, a massive amount of personal details has been leaked online. Those personal details leaked was from both the Academic and Non-Academic staff of Universiti Malaya.

    According to Lowyat.net, almost 24,000 of personal information which is believed to be from the Universiti Malaya E-Pay website. This includes login information and also hashed passwords. Besides that, the hacker has uploaded all this information to a file-sharing website. Based on the checking the database credentials also have been leaked online.

    With this, we are sure financial data also has been leaked online. If you are an ex-student of Universiti Malaya, we are sorry to say that your financial records have been compromised now. There are different parts of the leaked data. The first part was mainly on the financial information of Universiti Malaya. This includes banking information such as bank name and bank account number.

    The second part of the leaked data was the staff’s details such as Employee Tax Numbers (LHDN) and EPF Numbers. Apart from the staff details, 24,000 login information as part of the second part of the leaked data.

    However, before Lowyat confirms the data breach, Universiti Malaya has released a press statement stating that none of the data was neither leaked or compromised. Look’s like Universiti Malaya is in huge trouble now. The reason is, the hackers who hacked the E-Pay website has also hacked Universiti Malaya servers which causes massive amount of data to be leaked online.

    In case you think your banking account could be compromised, we prefer you to take the necessary steps. We are still waiting for Universiti Malaya to give its official statement on this matter. But we can assure you it is going to take a longer period for the Universiti Malaya to recover back those details.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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