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    Anyone can use fingerprint to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S10

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    The main security layer in a smartphone is the biometric layer. Imagine if the biometric layer can be overridden, your smartphone is not secure anymore. One of the most trending news at the moment is, Samsung Galaxy S10 has a bug where anyone can unlock your phone using a fingerprint. Recently, one of the Samsung users has found out that when he installs a third-party screen protector, other users can easily unlock the phone.

    Samsung reluctantly agreed there is a security flaw on the Samsung Galaxy S10. According to Samsung, its development team is working round the clock to issue a software patch for the malfunction fingerprint recognition very soon. Since the issue has been spread widely to worldwide, different online banks such as South Korea, KaKaobank has advised its customers to turn off the fingerprint recognition until Samsung releases a patch for the Galaxy S 10.

    At the moment, one of the Samsung spokespeople has given the following statement to Engadget:

    “We’re investigating this internally. We recommend all customers to use Samsung authorized accessories, specifically designed for Samsung products.”

    Our advice to Samsung Galaxy S10 users is to disable your fingerprint scanning feature and use the face unlocking feature for now. Once Samsung issues the patch, you can enable your fingerprint scanning feature again.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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