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    Facebook finally rolls out Dark Mode for Instagram

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    Dark Mode has been currently trending feature in the world of technology. Even the recent iOS 13 and Android 10 both supports system-wide Dark Mode. Facebook has been working on this feature for the Facebook Messenger app. Now, Facebook has started to roll out the Dark Mode feature for its Instagram app.

    If you are using the latest iOS 13 and Android 10, probably, you should be able to see Dark Mode in the latest Instagram app. The main benefit of using Dark Mode is to reduce strain to your eyes. Looking at the statistics, Instagram has over 1 billion active users where 50% of them are daily active Instagram Stories users. From these statistics, you can imagine how many people could be having eye problems due to continuing browsing on their phone. With this new Dark Mode feature, you can scroll through your Instagram feed with less worrying about straining your eyes.

    At this moment, Instagram does not allow you to toggle the Dark Mode option on or off. Basically, it follows your device system-wide settings. If you disable Dark Mode in your phone, then the Instagram Dark Mode feature will be off else it will be on. Apart from Instagram, Twitter has its own Dark Mode feature where you can toggle it on or off. Facebook might roll out the toggling feature after getting feedback from users.

    How to turn on Dark Mode on Instagram


    First of all, if you are using an Android smartphone, you have to make sure whether your phone is currently the latest software which is the Android 10. This is because Dark Mode feature is only available in Android 10.

    Assuming your phone is running on Android 10, then all you need to do is head over to the Settings page. Then tap on the Display option and then tap on the Advanced button. Now, you should able to see Dark under the Device theme menu. Tap on it and your Instagram should be switched to Dark Mode.

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    Whereas for iPhone, you need to have Apple latest software update, iOS 13. You can easily download iOS 13 by going to Settings and then tap on the General button. Under there, you need to tap on Software Update and wait for it to download iOS 13.

    After downloading iOS 13, you can head over to the Settings menu and tap on the Display & Brightness. Over there you should be able to view both the Light and Dark options. However, some of you might have already turned on Dark Mode on your iPhone and still, your Instagram app hasn’t turned dark yet. For that, you can repeat the steps above and then re-open your Instagram app and you should be able to see the changes immediately.

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