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    Facebook officially rolls out Dark Mode to Messenger


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    Last month, Facebook rolls out the Dark Mode for Messenger in certain countries. Today, Facebook announces it is rolling the feature for Messenger globally. Previously, this feature is hidden behind the Easter egg where users have to send the moon emoji in order to activate it. Now that would not be necessary. Users can start to enable this feature by toggling from the Messenger settings.

    The main reasons, applications are changing its display to Dark Mode is because it will reduce the glares of the screen. This enables the user to use their smartphone under low-light situations without straining their eyes a lot. According to Google, enabling the Dark Mode feature on smartphones can save battery usage as it uses less power to display it.

    There are some users who prefers to use the Dark Mode feature as it looks cool. It all depends on the user preference. We have started to see many major apps companies such as Twitter and Microsoft are enabling the Dark Mode feature on its applications.

    In conclusion, introducing this Dark Mode feature is really good especially tech companies such as Facebook. This is because billion of people are using Facebook daily especially under a low-light situation. The blue light from the screen can cause severe disease. Read our previous article which we explain about the blue light effects.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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