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    YTL Communications introduces GigaWire in Malaysia

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    How many of you are still using Streamyx in your residential area? Comment down below. The broadband option we can think of is either copper wires or fibre optics. In most of the countries around the world, fibre optics has been used by most of the people living in the urban area. Unfortunately, in Malaysia there are still more than 226,000 Streamyx subscribers are residing in the non-Unifi area who are still using copper-based broadband.

    In order to solve this issue, YTL Communications is currently testing a new technology called GigaWire. It is a new technology which is able to deliver the speed of a fibre optics on the copper solution. According to YTL Communications, this technology will not require any additional rewiring. The main thing it requires is a network switch in the high-rise building and a new set of routers in your home.

    After launching Terragraph in Penang, YTL Communications is running the GigaWire test in Penang, KL, and Genting Highlands. According to YTL Communications, the download speed is able to shoot up to 876Mbps. That is crazy fast for a network running in a copper-based solution.

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    Is GigaWire a good choice?

    GigaWire is able to provide fibre optics speed but YTL says it is better to rollout GigaWire via Terragraph. This is because Terragraph is able to provide 1.7Gbps of network speed in Penang. According to their current roadmap, by the end of 2019, they are planning to increase the network speed of Terragraph to 4.6Gbps. This could be possible by using the latest chipset by Qualcomm. This means the network provider such as TM does not require to lay physical cables. It is also easy to roll out to the consumers.

    The GigaWire technology was launched back in 2016. This technology is up and running in many countries including the United States and South Korea. The GigaWire technology is based on the ITU-T Gigabit Home Networking ( standard. Watch the video below to get the glimpse of GigaWire technology.

    In conclusion, YTL Terragraph could be the future of broadband technology in Malaysia. We hope TM should really implement this technology for all Streamyx subscribers who are residing in the non-Unifi coverage area.

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