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Trial for food delivery drone in Malaysia will start in June

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The drone is going to be the future of business. In another few years, drones will be delivering food to the public. Last week, Uber confirms they will start their Uber Eats food delivery via drone in San Diego this summer. Now we have been hearing, the food delivery drone business is coming to Malaysia too.

Futurise is the company which partners with the local drone company Average Drone. Cyberview who manages Futurise is a subsidiary of the Finance Ministry. Average Drone and Futurise is planning to start its food delivery drone in the area of Cyberjaya by end of June 2019. It is a 3 months trial period.

According to the Average Drone CEO Hamdee Hamdan, the delivery service is only available within 2km radius of the Futurise building. The food which you order will arrive within 12 minutes with additional RM2.50 of delivery fee. During this trial period, there will be 7 types of foods will be available such as noodles, rice, sandwiches, Malaysian kuih’s and fruits. He says probably, after the 3 months trial period, they might extend the food menu.

Other than that, Average Drone is also developing its own mobile app for food order. At this moment the app is in the final draft stage. The drone which Average Drone manufactures for the food delivery service is called “Express Food”. It has six propellers and it can make food delivery with loads of up to 800g only. The drone even can delivery during rainy days too. However, it depends on how heavy the rain is.

The CEO of Average Drone says only if the response is good, they will modify the drone to support the weight for up to 3kg.

In conclusion, one day we can expect to have fast food deliveries too via drone. This is a good effort between these two entities.

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