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Your iOS devices are not secure anymore claims Cellebrite

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Everywhere you go, the most secure phones in the market are always the iPhone. iPhone ‘was’ the most secure phones until a few days ago an Israeli forensic company called Cellebrite says they can perform a full file system extraction on any iOS device.

Apart from iOS devices, the company says that they can even unlock other Android devices from different smartphone manufacturers. Remember the 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack? The FBI says they were able to unlock Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone by using secret software. Now, the rumors say the FBI uses Cellebrite’s UFED Premium software to unlock the terrorist iPhone in 2016.

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Do you have to worry about it?

Stop worrying about it if you are a normal civilian. In order for the Cellebrites technology to work the software requires your actual physical access to the device. Other than that, this tool is available for law enforcement agencies and military only. The law enforcement and military will only use the Cellebrite’s tool to keep the nation safe from terrorist.

A few years ago, US law enforcement has discussed with Apple to create a backdoor for iOS devices. However, Apple CEO, Tim Cook is against the idea. He explains if the backdoor is exposed to other government agencies around the world, it will completely compromise Apple’s iOS devices.

The Cellebrite software is able to bypass the iOS passcode and perform full file system extraction. By performing this action, the tool is able to gain all the access to the third party app data, chat conversations, emails and also deleted content. This includes even if you delete the data from the iPhone permanently.

In conclusion, if this software is available to the general publics many people might misuse this tool. We believe it is better for this tool to belong to the law enforcement and military agencies.

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