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Youtube Would Probably Include 5 Unskippable Ads Soon

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Imagine having to endure 5 ads on Youtube just to watch a 2 minutes recipe video. As if the current two unskippable ads are not painful enough to go through and now, Youtube will increase them to five! 

Image: Twitter @LoganC01962550

Some YouTube users have seemingly gotten the beta version and are posting about it on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit. This news surely causes people to get irritated even further, especially non-Premium Youtube users. 

The YouTube team has acknowledged the issue and responded to some of the users via Twitter in response to their complaints. Turns out that these brief advertisements, known as bumper advertising have a duration of no more than six seconds. 

However, keep in mind that nothing is set in stone just yet since YouTube has just begun testing this feature with a small group of users. It is still unsure if YouTube is going to make this happen or not.

But, in order to avoid all of this, there is only one way that we all can do right now which is to subscribe to the YouTube Premium plan.

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