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Customize Your iOS 16 Lock Screen With These 5 Google Apps

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The recent release of iOS 16 has surely gotten Apple users excited to start exploring all the new features that come with it. One of the highlighted features introduced by the tech giant in iOS 16 is the customization of your lock screen. But, do you know how to really get the best out of it?

When you pick up your phone, the Lock Screen is the first thing you see, and many Google apps will soon have widgets optimised for it. You’ll be able to see certain updates on your Lock Screen and access your favourite Google features with one tap after unlocking your device. These are the list of Google apps that you should consider adding to your customized lock screen:


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Your Lock Screen can now serve as a launchpad for Google searches. The Search widget can be set up so that voice or camera searches are activated. This is useful for translating, getting homework help, or even shopping. 


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Google’s Drive widgets allow you to access your files. You can open a suggested Drive file or your starred files and folders with a single tap to resume your work project or short story manuscript where you left off.

Google Maps

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The Maps Frequent Trips widget displays up-to-the-minute traffic information and estimated trip times to frequently visited locations, such as your house or place of employment, directly on your Lock Screen. Simply launch the app with a tap when you’re ready to go. The Maps Search widget can also be used to locate nearby eateries, retail stores, and other places of interest.


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With the Gmail Lock Screen widget, you’ll always know how many fresh emails you have without having to check your phone. The widget can be set up to display information about which of your inbox tabs, such as Social or Updates, have new messages.

Google News

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You can now read the latest news with just a glance at the Google News widget. If something piques your interest, you can tap it to learn more within the app.

In the following weeks, you should expect to see a flood of this kind of widget. To prepare, download your preferred Google apps for the iPhone now. With these widgets, your iPhone experience might get better and more convenient. 

To begin customizing your device as soon as Google widgets become available, simply press and hold down your Lock Screen. 

Source: Google

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