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The Vivo X Fold S Foldable Smartphone Is Expected To Be Released In September

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We have seen the surge in foldable smartphone production by many tech giants this year and the competition is tighter than ever. It is rumoured that another phone maker is about to join the foldable party. 

A tip from Digital Chat Station suggests that a Vivo foldable phone called the X Fold S could be released next month. The new foldable device is expected to compete with other foldable smartphones that are recently released such as Mix Fold 2, Mate Xs 2, and Galaxy Z Fold 4.  

Other Vivo devices, including the X90 series, are also scheduled to be released in 2022. The source also suggested that some of the upcoming Vivo products may be linked to the unveiling of Qualcomm’s next-generation chipset in November.

The increasing popularity in the foldable smartphones market has prompted many brands to create a more durable and unique foldable design with less crease and enhanced performance to stand out from their competitors. What we initially thought was impossible to have a phone that can fold in half, is now become a new trend. 

As of right now, there is no official statement regarding the launch date or the specifications of the Vivo X Fold S. However, the announcement might come soon since it is rumoured to be unveiled in September (if the device ever makes it to the public). 

Stay tuned for more updates on the device!

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