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Dear Malaysians, there has been quite number of circulation regarding the Touch N Go RFID tag in Malaysia tolls. Recently, TNG has opened new registrations to the users who wished to join the pilot test program. According to TNG, the registration slot has limit, so users should register as soon as possible.

As for now, the RFID tag only supports few number of highways in the area of Klang Valley. Registered users, will have to wait for an invitation from TNG via email to fill in their personal information. The main reason is to set the date and time for an installation of the RFID tag appointment.

Recently, TNG have also posted a promotion on its page regarding the 20% rebate for new registered customers. This applies for the first 10 toll trips till June 30. It is expected the RFID tag would replace the usage of the current SMARTTag once it rolls out all over Malaysia highways. The core benefit which the RFID sticker could offer is there is no require use of any batteries to work.

Well how does this device works? The RFID tag comes with a sticker embedded with a radio frequency chip which is used to stick it directly to the vehicle’s windscreen or headlamp. The sticker links to the users Touch ‘N Go eWallet app, where they can frequently monitor their top-up balance. Moreover, the app also allows the user to top-up their credit via online bankings or debit/ credit cards.

To understand more about the Touch N Go RFID system read the tweet below.


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