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How to enable dark mode in Facebook Messenger app?
Since last year, Facebook have promised to roll out the new redesign messenger app to all its user worldwide. Since then, Facebook have roll out the dark mode Messenger in a few countries. But now it seems this feature is available for all Android users. What you got to do get this feature? How to enable dark mode in Messenger?

If you want to know how to enable dark mode in Messenger, you can do it easily. It is very simple. Just send someone a moon emoji and you are good to go!. Seriously, that’s how it is simple to get this feature. However, it was told that some of the users have to double tap on the moon emoji to enable this feature. Few of the users had to restart their Messenger app to activate this feature. Once it is activated, a warning message does pops up stating that dark mode is still in progress.

Image from Android Police

If you don’t like this feature, you can turn it off from the Messenger app setting menu. This feature was found by one of the Twitter user. Many of the users are hoping for the same dark mode feature too in Whatsapp and Instagram soon.

Twitter status from menz_universe


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