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    This could be the next Samsung Galaxy Fold


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    Remember once we reveal that Samsung will be unveiling the second-generation Galaxy Fold next year. Well, now we have the first look of the next Samsung Galaxy Fold. What we are about to show you is the real device instead of rendered images. This is Samsung’s first clamshell smartphone.

    The image of the foldable device was first leaked on Weibo. Most of the time, the rendered images will be one of the first images gets leaked. However, we didn’t expect that we could really see the actual device itself. The first look of the foldable clamshell form factor device was weird. Here’s the first look of the Samsung upcoming second-generation Galaxy Fold.

    At the moment of writing this article, we did not have any information neither on the name nor the specs. But one thing for sure we can confirm is Samsung will be announcing this smartphone during the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2020 (MWC 2020) which will take place in Barcelona.

    By looking at the first look of this foldable smartphone, we are pretty much sure that the Motorola has done a better job for the clamshell form factor device. The Motorola Razr does not have thick bezel unlike the Samsung foldable smartphone has a thick bezel where the gaps can be seen. When you fold the phone it has a square shape with a second screen. As shown in the image below, you can view the time on the left side of the secondary screen and on the right side is the main dual-camera.

    But when you look at the Motorola Razr, the design is sleeker. It does not have any gaps in between the hinge. Whereas, when the Samsung foldable smartphone is folded there is a huge gap. As for now, this could be a prototype version of the foldable device. The reason is that, during the Samsung Developer Conference, the video Samsung showed had no gaps when it was folded.

    Longer screen with a punch-hole display

    When the device is unfolded, you can see a longer screen with a punch-hole display. This is where the selfie camera is located. Honestly, when we look at the longer screen, it seems slightly difficult to hold and use it with one hand. Apart from that, the bezels also seem to be thicker similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. On the hardware side, Samsung could be placing two batteries with a 900mAh each. This could be due to the size of the foldable device itself.

    Talking about the hinge, we are expecting Samsung to improve the hinge design system. Unlike the current Galaxy Fold, you can see the screen when you fold the device. The best design foldable smartphone should be the Motorola Razr where the hinge system is perfectly designed and tested. Motorola continues to remain its iconic foldable design for the Motorola Razr.

    In a nutshell, personally we feel this is the best worst flip smartphone ever. However, Samsung can turn the dice around only if they unveil a better design of a flip smartphone. Overall, we will update once Samsung reveals this so-called Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 during the MWC 2020 in Barcelona. Stay tuned for more updates from us.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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