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    Samsung shockingly reveals Galaxy Fold 2 design


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    Samsung Galaxy Fold is the latest smartphone from the Korean tech giant. Despite having screen issues which were reported back during the beginning of this year, the Galaxy Fold finally goes for sale globally. Galaxy Fold is the world’s first foldable smartphone. Based on the same design, other smartphone makers such as Huawei has unveiled the Huawei Mate X.

    In just within a month launching Galaxy Fold, Samsung has already started working on the next Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung plans to continue the foldable phone design for its upcoming years’ phone. Now, Samsung reveals that it is already working on the next foldable concept smartphone through a YouTube video. Samsung reveals its plans during its annual developer conference which happens in San Jose.

    It’s going to be Samsung vs Motorola

    From the video above, you can easily notice the left side is the current Galaxy Fold and the right side is the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2. Similar to the Galaxy Fold the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 will be having two displays. This upcoming foldable device looks more like a clamshell device. Motorola will be unveiling the classic RAZR smartphone during the first week of November. We can say both Samsung and Motorola could be unveiling the next clamshell device which could be the next trend for the foldable smartphone.

    Samsung could be unveiling the Galaxy Fold 2 as soon as next year February with an additional punch-hole screen. This round you can expect the exterior to feature a smaller display. This smaller display will be used for notifications purposes.

    In conclusion, it is confirmed Motorola will be unveiling the Motorola RAZR flip smartphone ahead of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 launch. Although Samsung has already shared the concept of smartphone design officially, we still not 100% sure that Samsung could be unveiling Galaxy Fold 2. We will constantly update you guys on the updates regarding Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 phone launch once Samsung officially reveal information regarding it.

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