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    Grab introduces GrabDriveYourCar in Thailand


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    Recently, Grab introduces its new feature in Thailand. This is something very useful for the people in Thailand. It’s called GrabDriveYourCar. You will find out more as you read further on this article.

    From the name above itself has somewhat given you the idea of this feature. This is a feature where you can hire a Grab driver to drive your car back home. Simple right! Thailand is a place of paradise for all the best drinks. Many people especially guys like to enjoy drinking in Thailand. However, many of them once they got drunk they are not able to drive their car back to their home.

    22,000 road accidents happening in Thailand yearly

    Based on the statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), there is a record of 400,000 death on road accidents each year. This is especially in the countries of the Southeast Asia region. Most of the cases are due to drunk and driving cases. According to the 2018 global road safety report by WHO, there are at least 22,491 road accidents which are happening in Thailand.

    In order to reduce road accidents in Thailand, Grab Thailand introduces GrabDriveYourCar service. Grab believes that by introducing this new service it can reduce the number of road accidents caused by drunk-driving. All you need to do is use the Grab app to request for a driver and the driver will drive you and your car back home safely.

    How to use GrabDriveYourCar feature?

    First of all, you need to access your Grab app in either iOS or Android. Then once you enter into the app, you should be able to view a new option called “Drive for Me”. Now, click this button and then you should view the usual screen where you have to enter your pick-up point and your end destination. The last steps you need to do is wait for your driver to arrive.

    The cost would be the next question. According to Grab Thailand, the cost for this service starts from $11.60 (RM48). The cost will increase to $3.31 (RM13.50) for every 5KM. Additionally, Grab Thailand also will be charging you if you passed the toll booth. You can know the driver based on their green colour outfits with an additional armband. In case you are worried about the Grab driver, Grab Thailand also offers insurance for the ride service itself.

    Apart from that, Grab also allow users to book using the GrabDriveYourCar even though he or she is injured or unwell. Honestly, in Malaysia also we have seen cases where there accidents due to drunk and drive. At the moment, Grab Malaysia has not revealed whether they are going to introduce this service in Malaysia. We have contacted Grab Malaysia on this and we will update once Grab make the official announcement.

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