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    Here’s how you can redeem your RM30 eWallet credit


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    Malaysia is one of the countries which is prioritising the usage of eWallet for most of the transactions. As an encouragement to use the eWallet, the Malaysia government has started a program called E-Tunai Rakyat. Through this program, many of the eligible Malaysians will be entitled to receive RM30 from the government.

    Currently, the government has confirmed that the E-Tunai Rakyat will be starting as early as 2020. We are sure, many of you all have already had multiple eWallet accounts. However, if you have any of these three eWallet payment systems such as Touch ‘n Go, Boost and Grab you can receive the RM30 to be credited to either of this accounts. In case you don’t have an account in either of these three providers, you can create an account for free. Do note that, you need to verify your IC number beforehand.

    If you notice, most of the people who uses the eWallet credit system are youngsters who are aged above 18 years old. It doesn’t mean that just by being 18 years old and above you can automatically be eligible for this decent offer. According to the government, your total annual income should be lesser than RM100,000 in order for you to be eligible to receive this offer.

    Which eWallet partner supports the E-Tunai Rakyat program?

    At this moment, we can confirm that Touch ‘n Go has already announced the date you can start to redeem the RM30 is starting from 15th January 2020 onwards. We are not sure about the two providers yet. The Malaysia government will be running this campaign from 15th January 2020 until 14th March 2020.

    Besides Touch ‘n Go, Grab also has already confirmed the redemption of the RM30 eWallet credit. According to Grab, you can use this eWallet credit to pay your GrabPay, Grab Rides, Grab Food, and many others Grab services. Similar to Touch ‘n Go you need to wait until 15th January 2020. Even Boost also has already shared its campaign details on its website too.

    In a nutshell, it is good to invest your little time to redeem the RM30 offer starting January. Do let us know how you are planning to redeem the RM30 eWallet credit. The government believes that by next year, it can realize the dream of becoming the eWallet country.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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