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    PlayStation 4 now allows games to stream to iOS devices

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    PlayStation has updated both the PS4 Remote Play application and the console which allows the users to stream their games to their iOS devices. This was confirmed from the official PlayStation Twitter account.

    According to them, the console has to be updated to version 6.50 in order to stream the games into the iOS devices. Users, would not need to pay to download the app since it is free to download from the App Store.

    Previously, only Sony smartphones such as the Sony Xperia Z3 supports this feature. Now, it is coming to iPhones and iPads. This will allow more users to stream their game to their iOS devices. At the same time, iOS users could get the chance to play their PS4 games in their iPhones and iPads.

    As you know, Microsoft is already building its own Netflix-like game streaming service. Now PlayStation is taking one step further by providing the remote play feature to its users. According to Phil Spencer, the head of gaming told that this feature will provide “console quality gaming on any device”. This can be a way to reach to a wider range of audiences.

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