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    No more fake news in YouTube

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    YouTube is the most used platform to view videos around the world. Every country uses YouTube to watch videos. This causes a lot of fake videos published by unknown users. Some of us might trust by watching the video. Example, there was a video which was published on YouTube with the title of “Joker Official Movie Trailer”. Most of us would have clicked the video and think that it is the real trailer. But after analyzing it you might found out that it is fake news.

    YouTube now fact-checking controversial topics. — YouTube
    Image from YouTube

    Nowadays, YouTube is prone of having a lot of fake videos. To fix this issue, YouTube is currently working on a way to show if the user is watching a fake video. According to YouTube, they have started to inform their viewers if the videos they searched are hoax or truth. This information is only displayed in the search result page as for now. We can expect if in the future, YouTube might include this feature for individual videos too.

    YouTube has mentioned that the topics will be checked by The Quint who are verified fact-checking service. Based on their checking the information will be updated in the information panel. All the fake topics will be automatically removed by YouTube.

    YouTube has roll out the feature only India to a small group of users. YouTube also stated that they do have plans to roll the feature worldwide. However, they did not mention on the exact timeline this feature will be revealed.

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