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    Google releases new feature for Gmail Android


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    Google rolled out the Gmail Smart Compose feature to all Android smartphones. This feature was rolled out on March 7. If you are still thinking what is the Smart Compose feature is all about, continue reading about it.

    The Smart Compose feature basically uses machine learning to predicts your next text as you type the emails. As for now, this feature is only available for all Android users. Google Pixel 3 is the smartphone which was launched by Google. The moment when this feature was launched, it was only available for Pixel 3 users.

    After this, you will have your own personal assistant to help to write your emails faster. You don’t have to sit beside your computer to write your email. The Smart Compose offers the text suggestions based on your writing patterns and the commonly used phrases. If you are not satisfied with the email writing which is done by the AI, you can continue typing your email.

    You can turn off this feature if you are not comfortable using it. The feature is enabled in all Android smartphones by default. Do you think the AI can think of what message to send to your company email? We have to wait and see once its used by Android users.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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