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    Penang has the largest Terragraph network in the world


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    Terragraph is a technology which was developed by Facebook back in 2016. Today, Penang is the first state in Malaysia to integrate Terragraph network technology. Terragraph is network technology which is able to provide gigabit speeds in areas without fibre optic cable. It is a technology which doesn’t require the telco providers such as TM to lay fibre cables in the ground.

    During the beginning of March this year, YTL Communications conducted a trial run of the Terragraph network in Georgetown Heritage sites. After four months, YTL Communications has announced that it has completed the trial run of the Terragraph network in Georgetown. This whole trial period, the public is able to access to the gigabit speed WiFi for free over 50 locations in Georgetown.

    From its statistics, YTL Communications says there are more than 19,000 unique visitors with 65% of return user rates. The Terragraph WiFi network is able to offer up to 170Mbps of download speed and up to 160Mbps of upload speed. This is the fastest network for public WiFi. According to YTL Communications, it has deployed a total of 472 Terragraph nodes around the Georgetown area. This makes Penang be the world’s largest Terragraph network says Facebook.

    Extending Terragraph network for business

    Other than that, YTL Communications also connects to 12 local businesses, NGO’s and government offices around the Georgetown area using the Terragraph WiFi. This allows the staffs and business people to access the gigabit-speed wireless network for free. YTL Communications says it seems the speed is 16x faster than their previous network provider.

    Recently, YTL Communications also introduces GigaWire technology into the Terragraph network trial period. Gigawire is the latest technology which able to provide fibre-like speed through a normal copper wire. YTL says that using the GigaWire technology, they are able to deliver speed up to 867Mbps. This result is taken from a test in a few building in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Genting Highlands

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    In conclusion, as now the Terragraph trial period is officially over, soon we can expect YTL Communications to expand its horizon outside of Georgetown area. If you haven’t tried this gigabit-speed network, then you can visit the hotspot locations to try this network. Terragraph and GigaWire also could possibly be the best alternative solution to solve Streamyx user coverage issues. This is because rewiring wouldn’t be necessary with this latest technology.

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