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    Apple cuts the price of MacBook Air with True Tone Retina Display

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    Now is the right time for you to buy Apple MacBook Air. This is because Apple has just started its back-to-school sales in the US and Europe. Interestingly, this time Malaysian students also are eligible to get these additional discounts. The new MacBook Air is now priced at RM4,699. Apple has also improved the display by using the True Tone Retina Display panel.

    Any changes to the specs?

    The updated MacBook Air still has the same specs as the last years model. It still runs on a 1.6GHz dual-core 8th gen Core i5 processor. For the RAM wise, by default comes with an 8GB DDR3 RAM. Apple allows you to upgrade it up to 16GB RAM with the additional price of RM880. Other than that, the base model comes with a 128GB SSD storage and you can upgrade it up to 1TB.

    The main changes for the MacBook Air is the True Tone technology. The previous model doesn’t support True Tone technology. True Tone is a display technology which will automatically adjust the white balance of a display to match the color temperature of your environment. Your viewing experience will be totally different by using True Tone technology. It seems this technology will make your web pages and email look as if its printed pages.

    Other hardware still remains the same such as the 3rd gen butterfly keyboard and the Touch ID. For the Touch ID security, Apple remains using its Apple T2 Security Chip which offers on-the-fly encryption for all your documents. Moreover, the new MacBook Air also supports macOS Catalina which is Apple next version of its macOS release. Check out our article on the feature of macOS Catalina.

    In conclusion, if you are interested to purchase the new MacBook Air, you can purchase it from the Apple Online Store. If you are a student, you can visit the official student page for the pricing details.

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