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    Astro officially rolls out a new interface for Astro Go

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    Astro Go is #1 entertainment provider in Malaysia even though there is other streaming media service such as Netflix and iFlix. One of the reasons Astro streaming service is ranked to the top because almost 90% of each house in a residential area has subscribed to Astro service. Each time a person subscribes to the Astro streaming service, Astro gives its free Astro Go subscription for free.

    Two months ago, Astro introduces a new user interface for the Astro Go Beta Programme which looks more like the Netflix. Now, Astro is officially rolling out this new user interface design to all Astro Go subscribers. According to Astro, this update is being rolled out continuously to all the users. If you did not receive the update yet, don’t worry soon you will receive the update from Astro.

    Part of the design changes would be the navigation menu. It is easier to search for your favorite content. Now from the Astro Go, you can search for your favorite shows using either the title, actor or director. This makes the search feature to be more interactive.

    Other than that, in the new Astro Go app also has a new section called “Discover More” where you can discover other related tv shows based on your watching preference. According to Astro, this newly updated app has more than 50,000 On Demand titles which are all available to its subscribers. In case you haven’t linked your account yet to the Astro Go, you should do it now. Take a look at the steps below.

    How to link your Astro account to Astro Go app?

    Linking your Astro account is very simple. You have to follow the steps below to get it done.

    First you have to download the Astro Go app on your tablet or smartphone. The Astro Go app is available as free download in both the Google Play Store and App Store. Alternatively, you can also visit the Astro Go official website to link your account. For this tutorial, we will focus on linking your Astro account via the Astro Go website.

    After opening the website, you should able to see a login page which looks something like in the image below.

    Next, you should enter your Astro ID if you have it, else click on the “Don’t have an Astro ID? Click here” link. Now, you have to select a method to verify your Astro account. There is a total of three verification methods, you can choose whichever is preferable to you.

    After setting up, you can create your new Astro ID with your prefered password. Then you should be able to enjoy watching all your favorites shows on the go.

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