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    Next Nintendo Switch will be produced outside of China

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    Nintendo’s most famous Switch console is completely produced in China until today. As of January 2019, Nintendo has sold more than 32 million units of Nintendo Switch throughout the world. Now we are hearing that Nintendo might be moving its gaming console outside of China. The purpose is to avoid the trade war between the United States and China. This is first revealed by The Wall Street Journal.

    Apple has already move its iPhone XR production outside of China to India. It’s next iPad and MacBook production will be moved to Indonesia to avoid the high tariff rate in China. For now, the South East Asia country could be taking up the chance to produce the next Nintendo Switch. As for now, the demands in the United States for the Nintendo Switch is high where more units has to be produce.

    Countries such as Taiwan and Vietnam most likely to produce the Nintendo Switch. According to WSJ, Nintendo is planning to update another two new models this year. It is expected the new model to be less expensive than the previous model. Nintendo could come up with three-variant of Switch models later this year.

    In conclusion, the higher the tariff rate increases, other brands also might be moving their production outside of China. If Nintendo moves the Switch production to Malaysia, we can expect more job opportunities for Malaysian’s and the price of Nintendo Switch also could be sold for a cheaper price. Currently, the Nintendo Switch is priced at $299.99 (RM1,250). You can buy it from here with free shipping to your doorsteps.

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