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    Huawei pushes Mate X launch until September

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    After watching the tragic moment from Samsung, Huawei says it will delay the launch of its foldable smartphone, Huawei Mate X. Previously, Huawei plans to launch its first foldable smartphone on June. Now, Huawei is delaying the launch of Mate X to September. This will give ample time for Huawei to continue doing additional testing to the device.

    Two months ago, before Samsung launches the Galaxy Fold, it gave few units to a few of the tech influencers for the review. During this period they found that there is a huge issue with its display. In order to avoid this issue, Huawei spokesperson told CNBC that Huawei is taking extra precautions steps before launching the Mate X to the consumer. The spokesperson told CNBC that Huawei doesn’t want to launch a product which will destroy their reputation.

    Although the United States government bans the Chinese company, Huawei is very confident that Mate X is not affected by the ban. The spokesperson says Huawei Mate X will be running on Android operating system. This is because the Mate X is launched before the United States government add Huawei company into its Entity List.

    In conclusion, you can start to purchase the Huawei Mate X from September onwards. We are expecting the Huawei Mate X to be more durable than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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