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    Malaysian telco providers receive more than 6330 complaints from CFM


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    Everywhere in the world, we always practice consumer is always right. We tend to give the highest priority to the consumer. In order to achieve this, in Malaysia, we have the Communication and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM). Every consumer dissatisfaction on multimedia services would complain in this website. Yearly, the CFM will release a statistics on the consumer report to the public.

    Mobile service providers

    CFM receives a total of 6330 complain of the category of telco service providers in the year 2018. In 2017, they receive 4746 complaints on the same category. If you do the math, you should able to know that, there is 33% of complaints increase in just a year. However, with the cooperation of the CFM and telco service providers, almost 88% of the consumer complaints is resolve within 15 days.

    Statistics from CFM

    Broadband service providers

    In the category of high-speed broadband (HSBB) providers, the number of consumer complaints increases from 714 complaints in 2017 to 2337 complaints in 2018. This category holds the highest increase compared to other categories. Based on the statement from CFM, the main cause of this increase is the high demand from the consumer for HSBB services in their area.

    Statistics from CFM

    Other than that, CFM has recorded almost 9% of complains increases on the category of Billing & Charging. Most of the customers have given complain about the unreasonable charges, rebates and refunds, and etc. As we all know, most of the problem as a user we face is the pricing of our services given by the telco service provider. In 2017, there were only 33 complaints received regarding this issue. However, last year it shoots up to 505 complaints which is 0.14% incease.

    In conclusion, as a consumer, we always have dissatisfaction with telco providers. According to MCMC, all the problems can’t be fixed overnight, it requires cooperation from various parties.

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