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    Samsung shows off the durability of the Samsung Galaxy Fold


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    We all know Samsung is the first one to launch the world’s first foldable smartphone. Samsung always is the best innovators who invent new technology for the mobile phone. Now with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung is showing how it tests the Galaxy Fold. By this time, you should know how the Galaxy Fold works. It’s a smartphone where once it unfolds it turns into a tablet form factor.

    Previously, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung agreed that they didn’t have much time to complete the testing process. In order not to repeat the same mistake, Samsung is focusing on the durability of its smartphone. As a prove, Samsung releases a new video which demonstrates the whole testing process. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Fold is able to do 200,000 folds and unfolds.

    Imagine if you folds and unfold your device 100 times per day, that is equivalent to 5 years of using the Galaxy Fold. According to Samsung, the whole test process took almost one week to complete. The main purpose is to ensure the durability of the hinge is perfect.

    In conclusion, if you planning to purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, then you might have to wait at least a few months. Samsung new device would cost your $1,980.00 (RM8078.00). Samsung Malaysia have not announce on the availability of the Galaxy Fold in Malaysia yet.

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