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    iPadOS: These features are totally mind-blowing

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    One of the unexpected launches of today’s event is the iPadOS. iPad has been part of iOS since the beginning era of iOS. Now Apple is making huge changes to the iPad by splitting the iOS to form a new OS for the iPad called iPadOS. This means tons of new features is heading towards the iPad alone.

    The software it uses is still the same iOS 13, however, the iPad will have additional features where only the iPad is capable. Let’s list out the mind-blowing features that you can get from the iPadOS.

    Slide Over And Split View

    With iOS 12, Apple has already improved the multitasking feature. Now with iOS 13, Apple introduces Slide Over and Split View to the iPad. Using the iPad, you can switch to your favorite apps seamlessly without interrupting your other task. Assuming you are writing an email and you need to insert the attachment to it. Previously, you have to click on the Insert Attachment and then have to go look through it. However, now things changes. You can slide over the apps from the bottom right as shown in the image below.

    When you are swiping from the bottom right this is how you can find for your favorite apps.

    Just like in your desktop, you can work on two documents side by side with the new Split View feature.

    A Newly Redesigned Home Screen

    Although the iPad has a large screen, Apple did not make use of its large screen display. We are sure some of you might be disappointed of it. Today, Apple announces a newly redesigned home screen which make uses of the whole large screen display. Apple is adding a new feature called Pinned Widgets. This means you can pin all your favorite widgets into the Todays View panel. You can glance at it by swiping on the left of the Home Screen. As there are a lot of iPad apps which supports widgets, we are sure many of you will be using this feature most of the time.

    Apple Pencil Gets Faster

    Apple Pencil has been part of the iPad now. Previously only the iPad Pro supports the Apple Pencil. Now, the normal iPad also supports the Apple Pencil. When Apple launches Apple Pencil in 2015, everyone mocks it because of the price is expensive. However, later on many of the iPad users started to adopt to the Apple Pencil. Today, if you notice most of the designers and architects are using the Apple Pencil as their daily tool for working purpose.

    Apple is making its Apple Pencil faster which has a 20ms latency previously. With the upcoming iOS 13, the Apple Pencil latency reduces to 9ms by using its advanced prediction algorithm. As the Apple Pencil gets faster, Apple has also redesign its tool palette.

    Full Page Markup

    Apple is taking screenshot feature to the next level by allowing its users to screenshot the entire webpage content. This includes documents and email. Apple also allows you to use the markup feature by using the Apple Pencil. Whenever you are having a business meeting with your customer or client you can use the Apple Pencil to markup the content.

    Sidecar: Second Screen Support For The iPad

    Apple is also introducing a brand new feature for the iPadOS. It is called Sidecar. Sidecar is a feature which will allow the iPad to connect to the latest macOS Catalina as a secondary display. It supports both ways via the cables or via wirelessly. However, it only supports at a distance of 10 meters only.

    In order to for you to use this feature, you need the latest macOS Catalina. With the Sidecar, you can turn your iPad into a drawing tablet for your Mac.

    Faster Text Editing

    Another mind-blowing feature Apple announces today is the new faster text editing feature. iPadOS comes with several hand gestures which allow you to easily copy and paste content without looking through its magnifying glass. Using your three fingers, you can pinch in to copy and pinch out to paste. You can see those actions in the videos below.

    Other than that, you can even swipe left with three fingers to undo the mistake and right to redo the actions. Previously, Apple only allows shaking your device to undo an action. Now with this feature, you don’t have to shake your device again.

    In conclusion, these are the mind-blowing features Apple announces for the iPadOS. There are more features where you can find out from its official website. The iPadOS will be rolling out to everyone coming fall this year.

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