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    iOS 13: You going to fall in love with these features

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    Yesterday when we wrote an article on the “What to expect at the WWDC 2019”, we tried our best to provide all the predicted features coming to the iOS, macOS, and the watchOS. Today, the D-day finally arrives as Apple announces tons of software features at the WWDC 2019. For now, we will list all the iOS 13 features which we felt you will fall in love with.

    Again Improved Performance

    Apple seems to be focussing on the performance of iOS. Last year, when Apple announces iOS 12 it promises to improve the performance of the older iOS devices. Today, Apple says it will continue again to improve the performance of iOS devices. Features such as Face ID will be 30 percent faster to unlock your iPhone. Apple also says apps launching will be twice faster than in iOS 12.

    Dark Mode

    One of the most awaited features is the Dark Mode feature. The new iOS will finally support system-wide Dark Mode where background colors are black and grey. When we look at it, it really looks very pleasant. This feature will help to preserve the battery life of the iOS devices.

    Apple’s Own Swiping Keyboard

    Apple finally announces its own swiping keyboard called “Quick Path”. It allows you to swipe through the characters to write your message easily. There are already many 3rd party keyboard applications such as SwiftKey, Swype, Gboard on the App Store. Although, it is a bit late for Apple to launch their own keyboard we believe many people will start to love this feature once they start to use it.

    Apple Reinvents Its Reminder App

    Apple announces yesterday after a few years finally it has reinvented the Reminder app from scratch. This app is the entirely new app in iOS 13. If you notice the image below, their Reminder app now looks like the Mail app. Apple is adding “Today”, “Scheduled”, “Flagged” and “All” filtering options. Apart from that, Apple is integrating its AI into the Reminder app. Next time, when you add your contact to your Reminder app, the AI will remind you when you message the specific person in the Messages app.

    A New Redesign Apple Maps

    One of the apps from Apple which is not used by most of the iOS users is its Apple Maps app. This is because Google Maps is more widely used by everyone and its more reliable than Apple Maps. If you take a look at everyone iPhones, Google Maps is the replacement for the Apple Maps.

    Now, Apple is rebuilding its Apple Maps app. After has travelled for more than 40 million miles to collect millions of locations data. You are going to love the new Apple Maps. The new Maps app has a new feature called Look Around, which in Google Maps is Street View. When Apple demo’s this feature at the WWDC event, the Look Out feature is one of the best in the Apple Maps app. Rather than swiping through like in the Google Maps, you just have to hold on your screen with your finger and it works seamlessly.

    Apple says the completely new redesign Apple Maps will be available in the US by end of 2019 and worldwide in 2020.

    Sign In With Apple

    Each of today’s Apple announcement, Apple mainly stresses on its user privacy. Every time, when you open an app, you need to click on either Sign In or Sign In with Facebook or Twitter. Today, Apple announces “Sign in with Apple” feature which will not collect a single of your information. This allows all your credentials to be completely confidential. Even your email address is protected too as Apple encrypts it into a private email address.

    Memoji Sticker

    Other than that, Apple also announces Memoji Sticker. You can even set your Memoji as your profile picture too. If you have used the Bitmoji app, you might know how the Memoji Sticker works. With your own Memoji, it creates a sticker packs as shown in the image below. You can use it throughout all the applications inside your iOS devices such as Mail, iMessage and even third-party apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. We are sure, all of you going to try this feature by creating your own Memoji Stickers.

    Editing for Photos and Videos

    Apple finally hears the voices of its consumers. Apple creates a new editing interface for the iOS Photos app. Same as the other Android devices, now you can edit any of your photos setting such as the contrast and the saturation.

    For the first time ever, you can edit videos too on the go. Imagine sometimes when you record a video, even you record the video by turning your iPhone to a landscape mode, sometimes the video is recorded as portrait mode. We know how difficult is it when you watch it after recording the video. Now, with iOS 13, you can rotate your video immediately directly on your Photos app.

    The other feature of the Photos app we think you will love is the new UI. The new Photos app uses machine learning technology to remove all the duplicated pictures. It also removes the clutter images such as the screenshots. So next time when you view your photo album it will look like walking down the memory lane.

    Find My

    As expected, Apple announce the merging of the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into a single new app called “Find My”. The new feature of this app is totally mind blowing. For the first time ever, you can track your missing devices even they are offline. How it works is, using the secure Bluetooth beacon it sends signal to the other Apple devices surrounding and it relays back to the Apple. Then Apple will send this information back to you. According to Apple, this whole thing is totally end-to-end encrypted.

    External Storage

    Like finally, Apple announces external storage to the iOS 13. The all new iOS 13 now can transfer files between your SD cards or your USB thumb drive. You can import those files into your Files app directly.

    In conclusion, these are the main features which we think you are going to fall in love with. There are more features on the iOS 13 which we will review it once we get our hands on the iOS 13 public beta in July. Apple announces the developer preview is available today to all with paid developers account. The official release of iOS 13 is on the fall this year. Check out Apple iOS 13 website for detail preview of the features.

    In case you missed it.

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