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    watchOS 6 Displays More Insightful Information

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    Apple Watch has been one of the most used smartwatches today. When Apple launches Apple Watch Series 4, its sales skyrocket because of the watchOS 5 which comes with tons of features. Now, Apple is not stopping there. Apple announces its new watchOS 6 during today’s WWDC event. Here is the list of features of the watchOS 6 which we think all Apple Watch users are going to love it.

    New Watch Faces

    With the new watch faces, you can see more insightful information at a glance. You can customize the existing watch faces color to even gold color. These watch faces can be used for more functionalities or for better design purpose. According to Apple, there are many watch faces which can be switched according to your mood.

    Apart from that, Apple also introduces a new feature to tell you the current time. Apple uses the Taptic Engine inside the Apple Watch to let you know the hour on your wrist. You can even set a chime for your Apple Watch so that every hour it will give a bird chirping sound. Apple also allows you to use your two fingers to tell out the time loudly by holding two fingers on the watch face. This feature will really help those disabled people to know the time easily.

    Siri Gets Better For the Apple Watch

    Apple has already integrated Siri into the Apple Watch last year itself. This round, Siri is getting better. You can start asking Siri questions such as “What’s song is this?” and Siri and Shazam will help you to tell what song is playing. You can even ask questions to Siri and it will respond to you directly by providing website links.

    Apple Watch Get Its Own App Store

    Previously, if you want to download apps for your Apple Watch, you have head to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. From there only, you can search for the apps and download them. Using the watchOS 6, Apple Watch gets its own App Store where you can get the new app directly from your Apple Watch.

    Other than that, Apple is also including three new apps for the Apple Watch which are the Audiobooks, Voice Memos, and the Calculator app.

    The calculator app is one of the most awaited apps in the Apple Watch. You can even calculate your bill tips directly from the calculator app in the Apple Watch too.

    Activity Trends

    Apple allows you to check your daily activity trends on your iPhone. The current watchOS 5 shows the activity ring mainly. Now, with the Activity app, you can view your progress over time. If the metrics shows upwards that means you are achieving your goal. Unless if it shows downwards you need to work to turn it around. If you are not performing your exercise well, the Apple Watch even suggest you how to get you back on your track.

    Cycle Tracking: Something Useful For Women

    Apple is launching a new app called Cycle Tracking for women. This apps helps the women to gain better insight about their menstrual cycle so that they can know better about their overall health condition. This app also helps the women to track weird symptoms during their menstruation cycle.

    Moreover, women can easily tap on the Cycle Tracking app to keep track of their daily menstrual cycle. Part of it is, Apple allows you to add the flow information, record symptoms such as headaches and cramps.

    All this information will be used to predict your next period or fertile window will be starting. All these information are completely available as a graphical chart in the all-new redesigned Health app on your iPhone

    Hearing Health: Care More For Your Earing

    Apple is also introducing a new feature for the watchOS 6 called Noise. This built-in app gives you noise information. Assuming you are working on a construction site when the noise level reaches, your Apple Watch will notify you to move away from the site. With the all-new watch faces, you can directly measure the noise level from your watch face.

    In conclusion, these are the amazing features which Apple announces today during the WWDC event. You can find more information about watchOS 6 on their official website. Apple will start to roll out the new watchOS 6 during the fall.

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