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    Huawei files ‘Harmony’ as its OS name

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    A month after the United States government blacklisted Huawei, Huawei files “HongMeng” as the name of its own operating system. This is because, after the US government puts Huawei name into the Entity List, Google is the first US tech companies to block its access. This means Huawei next-generation phones will not be able to use the Android operating system. In Malaysia, Huawei files the “HongMeng” as the Ark OS. The latest news we receive is the China tech giant is now filing another name called “Harmony”.

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    According to LetsGoDigital, Huawei files the application on 12 July. Once the European Union Intellectual Property Office approve those names, then Huawei will be using either of the three names for its Android-like operating system. At this moment, its IoT operating system uses HongMeng OS. Probably, Harmony could be the final name of its OS.

    Huawei has no choice rather making its own OS

    Back in May, Richard Yu, who is the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business says that its own operating system will be rolled out in China by the end of this year. However, the international version will be ready by Q2 of 2020. Huawei is one of the most used smartphones in the world. Until today, Huawei Technologies is the only smartphone maker who can compete with other smartphone makers such as Apple and Samsung. Even though the US and China come to a deal, Huawei will be continuing the development of its own operating system.

    In conclusion, other than Google, Microsoft also stops working with Huawei after the incident. If both Google and Microsoft stop working with Huawei, Huawei servers might not be able to use the Windows operating system. Huawei has to develop its own operating system. We are curious to see what’s Huawei has in its pocket for its new mobile operating system.

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