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    Twitter introduces a new design for its website


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    Recently, there is a spike in the number of people uses Twitter. One of the main reason would be during the Facebook downtime, most of the users they tend to use Twitter to share their updates and thoughts. A few months back, Twitter introduces the Dark Mode for its mobile applications. Now, Twitter officially says it is rolling out a new design for its Twitter.com website. This includes the long-awaited Dark Mode feature too. It has been such a long time since Twitter redesigns its website.

    According to Twitter, it starts to roll out this new website interface design on Monday onwards. We are assuming by today surely, most of you should able to view Twitter’s new look from your website. Twitter first posted this update on its blog page and then it posted a tweet on its official Twitter account.

    Twitter says the new website design looks similar to the one you have in the Twitter apps for mobile devices. This makes easier for you to access your favorite features as it is the same way you access it on your mobile phone. Twitter has already been working on this feature for a long time. It has taken a lot of inputs from over hundreds of thousands of Twitter users. Based on their feedback, this new website design is created.

    Twitter.com welcomes Dark Mode feature

    As part of this update, Twitter rolls out the Dark Mode feature for its new website redesign. Other than the Dark Mode, the new Twitter.com now allows its users to select few color schemes which provided from the setting. Check out our official Twitter page becomes darker now.

    Other than the Dark Mode feature, Twitter also adds the Explore tab to its new design website. Previously this feature is only available on the Twitter mobile platform. Based on your location information, you should be able to view live videos and local moments. Besides that, with this new redesign Twitter, you also can access your favorites feature easily such as your Bookmarks and Lists.

    If you notice at the previous design, we have to open a separate view to send Direct Messages to your friends. Starting today, you don’t have to worry about your messages. You can access to your Direct Messages in the same view. Twitter also makes it easier for us to switch between your other Twitter accounts.

    In conclusion, Twitter is rolling out this update progressively, to different regions in the world. Try the new Twitter redesign and let us know your thoughts on this new design Twitter.com.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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