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    Huawei is planning for extensive layoff in the US


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    It has been almost two months since the United States government blacklisted Huawei Technologies. Until today, the US government does not plan to remove Huawei name from the Entity List. Even though during the G20 Summit, Trump says Huawei can continue business with the US companies, still Huawei is not completely out of the danger zone yet.

    In order to cut cost, Huawei is planning for extensive layoffs in the United States. Futurewei Technologies which is Huawei’s subsidiary company will be the affected ones. It is a company which is based in the US where it mainly focuses on Research and Development (R&D). According to WSJ, the employees who are from China working in the US will be given an option to either stay with the US-based company or return back to China.

    Since Futurewei Technologies is a US company, Huawei sents many of its employees from China to the US to work on the R&D. However, after Trumps Administration puts Huawei into their Entity List everything has turned upside down. The Futurewei Technologies bans Huawei employees to enter into their offices. Other than that, they have also stopped all Futurewei Technologies not to use any of the Huawei devices. Even they are not allowed to use the Huawei name and logo too.

    In conclusion, this whole month we can expect more layoff being done by Huawei Technologies in the US. Futurewei Technologies almost has more than 850 American employees.

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