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    After Australia Google completes its first drone delivery in the US


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    The drone is the next future for world technology. Tech giants such as Intel has developed drones for the fireworks display. This shows how much drone technology has improved worldwide. The next upcoming technology is the drone delivery service. Back in April, Australia is the first country to allow drone delivery service which was developed by Google Wing.

    During that time, the United States was waiting for FAA approval. Now, Google has officially started its drone delivery service in the United States. Google Wing is the first company in the United States to start the delivery service. Next time if you want to order any foods or medicine, you can get it right away through the Google Wing drone delivery service.

    How Google Wing drone delivery service?

    According to Google Wing, the drone delivery was started on Friday in Christianburg which is a small town in Virginia. Google also says, the delivery process is not entirely done by the drone itself. That could really burn the drone itself. So what happens is, the beginning of the journey will be done by FedEx delivery service. The last 10km radius will be done by Google Wing delivery service.

    The maximum weight the drone can carry for now is 1.3kg. It doesn’t make sense if the drone can carry 10kg goods. You can watch the video above how the drone drops the goods. Rather than landing the drone itself, the drone has a strong cable which is used to drop the goods at the delivery. If you have played drones before, you might know how hard is it to land a drone.

    Some of you might be thinking, how does this drone operate? Well to answer your doubt, the drones are fully operated by the Google Wings pilot. That’s the reason, Google starts the drone delivery service in a very small town so that the Wing pilot can manage the drone delivery service.

    In conclusion, as we said in the beginning, drone delivery service is the future of delivery method. Soon you can expect other tech giants such as Amazon or even Malaysia Lazada to start its own drone delivery services. For more information visit Google Wing website.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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