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    Facebook restores “View as Public” feature


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    Most of you might not notice that Facebook removes the “View as Public ” feature back in September 2018. We are sure some of you might not know that this feature exists previously on the Facebook app. This is a feature, where you can limit yourself to display certain information on your public profile. Only your friends can view more details about you once you approve their friend request. Today, Facebook is bringing back this feature to the users.

    Facebook announces this feature on this official Twitter account today. On September 2018 Facebook removes this feature because there was a bug where it allows attackers to steal your access tokens. The attackers have stolen more than 50 million access tokens from Facebook user accounts. The attacker then can view how does a Facebook profile exactly look to a specific user.

    Based on the statement from the Facebook blog:

    We have completed our security review and are re-enabling the version of the ‘View As’ feature that lets people see what their profile looks like to people they aren’t friends with on Facebook. This version was unaffected by the security incident and was significantly more popular than ‘View as Specific Person.’

    In conclusion, sooner you can start viewing your public profile back again from your Facebook app. Facebook believes the “View as Public” feature is not affected by the same flaw which affects the “View as Specific Person”. As for now, Facebook did not enable the “View as Specific Person”.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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