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    San Francisco bans facial recognition technology

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    The main two countries which implements facial recognition technology are United States and China. The government agencies can literally monitor the target move once their face is detected on the system. Today, San Francisco has voted to ban any government agencies to use facial recognition technology against the public. It is the first city to vote for it.

    After the eight out of nine Board of Supervisors of Francisco votes to ban this technology, their proposal is approved. Next month onwards, San Francisco will remove the facial recognition technology starting from the city agencies to the law enforcement. This plan is first proposed by Supervisor Aaron Peskin called the “Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance”.

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    According to him, banning this technology is not an anti-technology policy. He also stresses that it is very important for law enforcement to use facial recognition technology curb crime issues. However, he still insists facial recognition is very dangerous for the innocent public.

    In conclusion, as the debate continues with other cities and states to decide the future of the facial recognition technology, the civil liberties group shows their support to ban the facial recognition technology in San Francisco. However, the law enforcement agency is opposing the plan. Do you think facial recognition technology is really necessary for every cities and state?

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