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    Instagram decides the future of a 16 years old teenager in Malaysia

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    Social network such as Facebook and Instagram have taken all our daily lives. Being happy or sad, most of us share our emotions on the social network. Now, the social network is the one deciding whether a person to live or die. A 16 years old teenager died after falling from third floor of a shop lot in Kuching, Sarawak.

    The district police told Astro Awani that the teen conducts voting on Instagram before she commits suicide. When the teen conducts the voting on Instagram, almost 69% of her followers on Instagram supported her decision to commit suicide. The teenager posted the poll as “Really Important, Help Me Choose D/L”. When most of her follower replies “D”, she dies else they reply “L”, she lives.

    Before she commits suicide, she also updates her Facebook status “WANNA QUIT F**KING LIFE I’M TIRED”. According to the district police, the teenager was feeling stress since her stepfather marries a Vietnamese woman and he doesn’t return home often. One of the public finds her body around 8 pm and then the body was brought to Sarawak General Hospital Forensic Department for post-mortem.

    Followers need to pay the price!

    Does it mean that her followers who voted her to die should be charged for death? Exactly! Penang MP, Ramkarpal Singh urges the authorities to charge those people who voted for her to die. According to him, the girl would have been alive if her followers replied her to live. Since this, is the cause of her death and it is totally an offense in this country, they have to be charged for her death. No one has the right to take a person life.

    Instagram APAC, Head of Communications, Ching Yee Wong, told The Guardian, Instagram has a deep responsibility to make sure it is safe using Instagram. He urges everyone to use its reporting tools to contact emergency services when either of their friend’s life is at risk.

    In conclusion, this is not the first time a person commit suicides because of the social network. Back in 2014, a 14 year old teenager committed suicide and post the picture on the Instagram when she self harms herself.

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