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    Don’t expect ByteDance “TikTok” smartphone in the US


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    ByteDance is the company who developed the most viral video app TikTok. The company is valued at $75 billion, which makes ByteDance be the most valuable startup in the world. Previously, we receive a report saying that ByteDance will be developing its own smartphone in-partnering with Smartisan.

    However, things will be changing now as the Forbes reports ByteDance would not be launching its smartphone in the US. Its main intention is to focus on its existing customer base in China only. The ByteDance spokesperson says, the whole idea is being misunderstood. The smartphone “has no connection with TitTok,” reports Gizmodo.

    TikTok lovers might be crazy about this phone. Now we can officially let you all know that there wouldn’t be a TikTok phone. You can stop dreaming on how the design of the phone. Currently, ByteDance is developing its own music streaming service which might be launching in China only. The reason we say this because ByteDance releases a new messaging app called FlipChat. This app is only available in China at this moment.

    In conclusion, we can finally put a full stop to the TikTok smartphone. There wouldn’t be a phone with all ByteDance apps preinstalled in it. Even if it’s there, it will only be available to China.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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