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    Apple is a renowned smartphone manufacturer in the world with an unparalleled reputation. This manufacturer keeps on introducing latest models to suit the emerging needs of various customers. If you want to know latest Apple iPhone 11 news or information on any other model, you can visit TechmonQuay.

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    We provide authentic and reliable information on Apple smartphones and other gadgets. Several people rely on us to know latest Apple iPhone11 news and updated news on other versions. Our blogs and articles throw light on several aspects that provide insightful knowledge. You can use this information to take smart purchase decisions as well.

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    Microsoft adds new feature for blind users Seeing AI app

    In 2017 Microsoft released Seeing AI. It is an app which lets the blind person to convert visual data into audio feedback. It is one of the most useful app for the...

    Apple teases its next event “It’s show time”

    If you have been waiting for the 2019 first Apple event then we got an announcement for you. Apple has officially send its media invitation for its next event on March 25....

    Apple giveaway program is back

    It's totally once in a blue moon Apple does its giveaway program. As we are expecting an Apple event soon, Apple does a giveaway program by providing the users some extra cash.

    PlayStation 4 now allows games to stream to iOS devices

    PlayStation has updated both the PS4 Remote Play application and the console which allows the users to stream their games to their iOS devices. This was confirmed from the official PlayStation Twitter...

    Apple could be retaining the Touch ID and headphone jack on the next iPad

    According to a news from Apple Insider, Apple could possibly retain the Touch ID and the headphone jack on the next iPad. The report which comes from the supplier states that the...

    Google Duplex coming soon to iPhone

    The world's tech giant unveiled the most advanced feature it ever created last year. Its called Google Duplex. Technically, what it does is, it let your google personal assistant to make calls...

    Apple agrees to replace third party batteries

    Have you ever been in a situation you had to replace your original iPhone battery with a third party battery? Good news Apple agrees to replace your third-party batteries for a cheaper...

    USB4.0 adopts Thunderbolt 3 protocol

    Thunderbolt 3 ports which was only available in Apple Mac devices sooner will be available to all laptops and computers which comes with USB Type-C port. Thanks to the USB4 standard which...

    AirPods v2 rumored to be released soon

    Good news to Apple fans! You got it right! Apple might release the next version of its AirPods. Back in the 2016 Apple launched the first edition of the AirPods alongside with...

    Spectre: Long exposure iOS camera app

    Have you ever wanted to shot DSLR quality pictures using your iPhone? If yes, then this post is for you. Good news! Now you can also be a photographer by using your...