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    Apple Is Working On A Fix For The Camera Issue On iPhone 14 Pro Series

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    UPDATE: Apple recently launched iOS 16.0.2 for all iPhone owners on Thursday. The update includes critical issue fixes for not only iPhone 14 owners but also other models. For example, the update addresses a problem that could cause the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera to shake abruptly in certain apps.

    As we reported previously, some early users of iPhone 14 Pro models have gone through an unpleasant experience with the newly released iPhone series where they noticed a camera shake that was accompanied by a rattling sound when using the third-party apps namely Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. 

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    Since the users have posted their videos on social media showing the evidence and gained thousands of views, Apple finally decided to address the issue and is currently working to resolve the issue. 

    There was some question as to whether the problem originated with the apps or the phone’s hardware, but Apple’s announcement of an upcoming update seems to indicate that it has something to do with the Pro model’s hardware since this issue doesn’t affect the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus. 

    Unfortunately, the company has not commented on the issue, but it is believed to involve the optical image stabilisation component in the iPhone 14 Pro variants. Don’t worry though as an Apple spokesperson has acknowledged the problem and promised an update within the next week. 

    For those who are still excited about the new iPhone’s arrival in Malaysia, pre-orders of the iPhone 14 series are currently live in Malaysia, with sales set to officially kick off on 23 September (all models except the iPhone 14 Plus that will arrive on 7 October).

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