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    Pay for Your Apple Services with ShopeePay: The Convenient and Safer Way for iPhone Users

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    Shopee has made an announcement that iPhone users can now connect their ShopeePay account to their Apple ID, which will enable them to make payments for their App Store purchases using their ShopeePay wallet. With this new feature, users will not only be able to pay for their app purchases and subscriptions on the App Store with ShopeePay but can also use it for other Apple services in Malaysia such as Apple TV, Apple Music, iCloud storage, and more.

    By using ShopeePay as your Apple ID payment method, you can pay for your Apple services without having to link a credit or debit card to your account. This option could be viewed as a safer and more convenient payment method, particularly if you do not have a card to link to your Apple ID, as you can connect it to ShopeePay and then use online banking to top up your ShopeePay account instead.

    If you are interested in using ShopeePay as a payment method for your Apple account, here’s how you can do it. First, make sure that you are using the most recent version of iOS. Then, navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on your Apple ID. After that, select ‘Payment & Shipping,’ and you will be asked to log in via your password or Face ID. Once you are in, you can choose the option to add a payment method, and from there, select ShopeePay, which will direct you to a webpage where you can log in to your Shopee account.

    “ShopeePay is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of users who anticipate seamless payments across all platforms. We are thrilled to provide ShopeePay as a convenient payment option for our customers and expand digital payment accessibility, thereby benefiting more users,” – Alain Yee, Head of ShopeePay Malaysia.

    If you want more information on ShopeePay as a payment method for Apple services, click here.

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