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    Apple To Increase App Prices In App Store Next Month; Malaysia Included

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    As many parts of the world are currently battling an economic crisis, everything seems to be pricier than ever including purchasing apps on your phone. Apple has now announced pricing hikes for the App Store in a number of countries, including Malaysia.

    The start date for the price increase of apps and in-app purchases is 5 October 2022 with the exception of subscriptions that renew automatically. Other than Malaysia, countries such as Chile, Egypt, Japan, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam, and all regions using the Euro currency (with the exception of Montenegro) will be subject to the new app store markup.

    However, the app store price hike would not affect auto-renewable subscriptions. Furthermore, developers can choose to keep their app’s current cost for current subscribers. 

    Apple explains that in Vietnam, these price hikes are a result of Apple’s compliance with Vietnam’s new legislation requiring it to collect and submit value-added tax (VAT) and corporate income tax (CIT), both of which are levied at 5%. You can click here to view the updated price tier charts. 

    It seems that not only the newly released iPhone 14 series will have an increase in their price tags but the App store too would soon join the price hike in Malaysia. 

    Source: Apple

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