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    Apple announces macOS Catalina with tons of features


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    After naming the macOS with mountain names, now Apple is naming it with island names in California. The later version of macOS is called Catalina. Catalina is an island situated in California. Apple launches a few new features and new apps for the latest version of the macOS Catalina.

    Project Catalyst: Port Your iPad Apps To Your Mac

    First of all, Apple launches a new feature for the developers called Project Catalyst. During last year WWDC, Apple announces they are working on a way to bring iPad app to the Mac. Today, they have finally announces through Catalyst, developers can ports their iPad apps into Mac within few clicks in the Xcode. During the demo session, Atlassian demo their Jira app for Mac. According to Atlassian, it took just few days to fully port their iPad app to the Mac.

    iTunes Is Replaced With These Three Apps

    After 18 years finally, Apple pulls the plug out of iTunes. In the new macOS Catalina, you could not find the iTunes app from the Dock. What Apple has done is it separates iTunes and introduces three different apps which are Apple Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV to the macOS Catalina.

    Sidecar: Extend Your Desktop With iPad

    One of the unexpected features which Apple announces for the macOS Catalina is the Sidecar feature. It allows you to use your iPad as the secondary display for the Mac. There is already third-party application on the Mac App Store such as Duet Display. However, everything changes when Apple announces its own feature.

    Voice Control

    Apple always thinks ahead for disabled people who use Apple devices. macOS Catalina now allows the disabled people to control their Mac entirely with their voice. It is one of the accessibility feature, where the disabled people can talk using the numbers which pops up on the screen. For example, if they want to send a message to a person, they can talk to their Mac and then a few numbers will be shown. From there, they have to say the number and the specific actions will occur. Take a look at the video below to understand more about this new voice control feature.

    Find My App Come To The Mac Too

    Apple is bringing the Find My app to the macOS Catalina too. Basically, it combines the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps into a standalone application. Next time when your Mac gets stolen, you can track it even the device is off. The technology behind is through Bluetooth. The Mac will send a secure Bluetooth beacon to the nearest Apple devices around the area. Then this information will be relayed back to your account.

    In conclusion, these are the top highlighted features which we personally feel interesting. There are more features in the macOS Catalina which you can use it once Apple rolls out the macOS Catalina during the fall this year. Check out the official website for more information on the macOS Catalina.

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