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    Apple’s new Mac Pro is a powerhouse computer

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    One of the most awaited device during the WWDC event is Apple’s all-new Mac Pro. Before it announces the macOS Catalina on the stage, Apple announces about the Mac Pro. Since the announcement until now, this topic has been the topic of the day. Honestly, the Mac Pro is undoubted the most powerful and the most expensive computer we have seen before.

    You got it right! This powerhouse computer is extremely expensive. You have to pay $5,999 (RM25,075) for the base model itself. This is the model which Apple displayed during the WWDC keynote event. The base model comes with the Intel 8-core Xeon with 32GB of memory and 256GB of SSD.

    Coolest Specs Ever For A Computer

    Talking about the specs of this all-new Mac Pro will be totally insane. First of all, this crazy speed computer comes with an Intel’s Xeon processor with 8 to 28 cores. The maximum memory the Mac Pro can support is 1.5TB. This is the highest capacity memory a computer can have. On top of that, Apple also adds 8 PCI Express slot where you can run two AMD Radeon Vega II Duo which gives you up to 128GB of GPU memory.

    Other than that, for video editors, Apple is adding an accelerator card called Afterburner. This card allows you to edit 4K and 8K native video directly from the beginning itself. You don’t have to worry about time-consuming transcoding or errors during output. The Afterburner card is capable to decode up to 6 billion pixels per second. If you are working as a video editor then you should consider this insane computer for your post-production works.

    Mac Pro Returns As The “Cheese Grater” Design

    Whenever it comes to a product design, Apple is always the best at it. Until now no one can compete with Apple. Take a look at their website design itself you will know the quality of their product. For this new Mac Pro, Apple continues with the similar cheese grater design as the previous Mac Pro design.

    This powerhouse computer is fully enclosed with a stainless steel space frame which allows you to lift up the casing completely. This will allow you to view 360-degree of the Mac Pro. The stainless steel frame allows you to move the Mac Pro easily around with the tire included in the bottom of it.

    However, the lattice pattern in the front and back of the Mac Pro seems a bit off. This is due to the alien faces look alike which some of the users might have tyrophobia. According to Apple, the main purpose of this pattern is to maximize airflow ventilation to ensure quiet operation.

    In conclusion, the all-new Mac Pro is absolutely a powerhouse computer. To use this insane device, you got to pay the price which when you purchase the high-end model will be around $45,000 (RM188,000) inclusive the Apple Pro Display XDR. This device is mainly for professional use only. If you think this device is suitable for your work, you can consider it. Find out more information about the Mac Pro from the official website.

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