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    140 million people are watching videos on Facebook daily

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    Facebook launches a new feature called Facebook Watch a year ago. It is a video platform where its’ users can watch videos from various pages. Now Facebook is announcing a major milestone for the Facebook Watch video platform.

    According to Facebook, there are more than 720 million people who watch videos on the Facebook Watch monthly basis. Every day, there are more than 140 million people who are spending at least one minute on Facebook Watch. Facebook says, daily there is an average of 26 minutes its visitors spend their time watching videos on the Facebook Watch.

    Other than that, Facebook also introduces groups video watching feature where users can watch videos together with their friends. According to research done by Facebook, it seems friends who watch videos together are 8X more likely to comment on the videos in the Watch Party.

    Earning from Ad breaks

    Advertisement is the future of earning. Facebook begins advertising a few years ago. Now they introduce Ad break which is available to more than 40 countries including Malaysia and Singapore. Ad break is a short ad which will be played in a video on Facebook. Facebook is bringing its Ad break feature to Canada and in another few weeks, more languages such as Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Swedish and Telugu will be supported too.

    Ad breaks help publishers to earn money from their videos. According to Facebook, the number of Pages which earns $1,000 (RM4,170) payouts per months increases more than 8X whereas, the number of Pages which earns over $10,000 (RM41,675) increases up to 3X.

    Facebook is also partnering with other partners such as MTV and CNN. By partnering with these channels more original contents will be uploaded to Facebook Watch. At the same time, this will encourage its users to have engagement with content. Watch the video below to have a closer look on Facebook Watch features.

    In conclusion, Facebook is planning to make Facebook Watch the same as YouTube, where users from around the world can watch videos together.

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