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    SK Telecom reaches 1 million 5G subscribers in 69 days


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    Two months ago a day before Verizon rolls out its first commercial 5G service, South Korea launches its own commercial 5G services. That makes South Korea be the world’s first country to roll out 5G services commercially. During the launch itself, many of the users sign up for SK Telecom 5G service. Now in only 69 days, the telco provider reaches 1 million 5G subscribers.

    The Ministry of Science and Technology of South Korea says back in 2011 when they launch the 4G LTE service, it took at least 80 days to reach 1 million subscribers. Now it just took 69 days to reach 1 million subscribers. That is 11 days earlier than the previous 4G LTE service. According to SK Telecom, an average of 17,000 users are subscribing to its 5G service daily.

    In conclusion, the 5G network is still new in both the United States and South Korea. There are few limitations where only certain areas only the user can get the 5G network. This will improve in the coming years.

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